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Hiking Page


*Disclaimer - PAGE IN PROGRESS - don't expect much... I've recently lost a bunch of files, I will be slowlyre-building :(


*** NEW *** - Holiday Tidings


These are just a few pictures and movies from some recent adventures.... 


Non-Canyoneering Stuff


            Apache Trail Canyon 12-15-07

            5 Pools

            2007 ACA Spring Rendezvous (AZ)

            Bear Canyon

            Black Canyon

            Christopher Creek 2005

            Christopher Creek 9-21-08

            Grand Canyon Ramfest 2-09      (NEW)       

            James Canyon / Kelly Canyon loop

            Meadow Canyon

            Parker Canyon 10-8-05

            Poland Creek

            Punch Bowl Canyon

            Salome Jug 5-12-2008

            Salome Jug - 9-18-08

            Salome Jug


            Canyonlands National Park

            Fish Creek - 3/11/06

            Horse Mesa

            Humphrey's Peak   

            Picket Post Mountain

            Reavis Falls

            Siphon Draw

            Superstition Mountains


Zion National Park

            Englestead/Keyhole 5-27-2007

            Zion National Park

            Keyhole-Mystery 7-4-08

            Keyhole 10-5-08

            Birch Hollow Skunk Rescue



            CJ-8 Project (ongoing)

            1980 Honda CB650 Custom (Parting out)

            For Sale - 1986 Honda Nighthawk 700SC

            2008 Suzuki DR200SE

            Other Motorcycles

            Solar Panel & Tracker Project

Buckskin Gulch

            Buckskin Gulch 2005

            Buckskin Gulch 2006

            Buckskin Gulch 2007

            Buckskin Gulch 2008


Zion Property

            New Year's 2008 - Zion

            Our Property

            Property Construction '08

            Zion National Park Fire - 7/07


North Wash, UT

            Freeze Fest 2005


Other Trips

            New York / New England 2007


Misc Other Locations

            Polygamy Fest 5-18-2007



            Little England Wall

            The Hand

            Weaver's Needle


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